The name ‘Terhürne’ has it’s roots in the ‘Buurserveen’, a moor near the village of Haaksbergen in the eastern part of the Netherlands. About 800 meters from the German border is a little spot called ‘De Huurne’. There are more of these spots which are called ‘Hürne’ or ‘Hörne’, peeking into another area like horns. ‘Ter’ means ‘on’ or ‘at’.

My great-grandfather still had the name ‘ter Huurne’ but went a few hundred meters east to Germany to work on a farm. At the beginning of last century my grandfather returned to The Netherlands and took with him the germanized name ‘Terhürne’.


My ancestors have been active in the moor since about 350 years ago. My father was born there in a so called ‘los hoes’ (open house), but than the family moved to Haaksbergen.

End of the 40′s of last century my father started a house painting company, married my mother and after two years I was born.

A ‘los hoes’  (open house)