In recent weeks, the Defender was provided with some necessary outdoor equipment. In addition to the installation of differential guards the already low weight was again increased by sandbars (which can be unfolded also used as a bar) and an extra tank of 45 litres – thus it is more likely to reach the next fuel station.

Also, to tame that weight a little there are now air springs mounted, and that makes a difference!

In the meantime the first tracks are on the iPad that will serve as a navigation system. For a good view on the screen an adjustable holder was screwed onto the dashboard.

With these modifications comes an end to a long list (although, it’s a Defender and then you never know …). The car is ready, now I need ‘only just’ tapping off the to-do list for CreaMatics That means a workshop, refreshing a few websites, turnover tax … It will probably cost some evening hours.