IMG_0934In 2013 I bought a car radio, a Parrot Asteroid Classic. Last year during my vacation in Morocco it’s front panel broke and, because we were in the middle of nowhere, I fixed it with some glue. Most of the buttons are still functioning but with less accuracy. For two buttons I used to much glue I think …

Since more than 3 months now I’m trying to get a new front panel for this radio from Parrot, but that seems not to be that easy.

The story

  • At the beginning of November 2014 I called Parrot’s support in France and had to wait about 20 minutes before I could explain my needs. And no, he couldn’t help me because I didn’t have a number. To reach the ‘number level’ I should fill in a form on their website.
  • After filling in that form I received a message saying: sorry, no repair sevice, but for Euro 80,00 we are able to send you a new front panel. Just send name, address and phone number.
  • Next day I agreed by mail.
  • After that I received some information how to send the old front panel to Parrot. Not very practical because this old one was still in use. So I asked Parrot to send me the new panel first. No problem for me to send them the old panel afterwards.
  • I didn’t receive any answer so I tried it again in the beginning of December by sending an email.
  • Again I didn’t receive any answer so I gave it another try on January, 6.
  • Parrot did’t reply.
  • In the beginning of Feruary I tried to reach Parrot by phone, but hang up after half an hour of waiting.
  • On February, 10 I started the process from scratch by filling in the form again on Parrot’s website. And again I provided them with my address and phone number after being asked. Also I asked Parrot to send me the new panel first before I would send back the old one.
  • I suppose my message wasn’t read beacuse next day I received the information how to send in my panel …
  • I repeated my request to send me the new panel first. The answer: ‘please be informed that we cannot proceed as you request. We need to respect the procedure which is : reception of your old device first’.
  • Today I informed Parrot that I’m not interested anymore, I will buy another car radio.

My conclusion: Parrot respects internal procdures more than customer needs. Maybe I should offer them a workshop Process Mapping.


Somehow I didn’t like the situation so I decided to write an email to the CEO of Parrot, Mr. Henri Seydoux. The result: no answer. After almost three weeks I tried it again. Within an hour I received the message that a new front panel was on it’s way to me – free of charge! On March 16, after more than four months I finally have a full operating car radio again!