My first car was a 1958 Citroën 2CV. On this picture my 2CV still looks pretty good, but maybe it’s because of my girlfriend in those days …

During the wintertime it was necessary to bind my pants at the bottom of my legs because the cold wind came through the holes of the pedals. Maybe the quality and 300.000 km didn’t fit together?

The car was using almost the same amount of oil as gasoline, so I always carried jerrycan of used oil (cheaper …). With 325 cc, 18 hp and the wind from behind the maximum speed was about 80 km/h …

To keep it going I was using this manual from 1953 (in French, sorry…)

  • Ami6
  • 2CV-3
  • 2CV-4

This dark grey and 12 year old 2CV was followed by an 8 year old Citroën Ami 6, a 4 year old white 2CV and later 2 new 2CV’ as I lived in Germany.

The new green one was so bad that I got a new one after six months.